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Welcome to The Official Website of Our Presidential Campaign

Thank you for visiting my website. Afghanistan is in crisis and at the same time is being presented a unique opportunity for a better tomorrow. However, our beautiful country, the land of our fathers, cannot recover from this crisis without your assistance, volunteer efforts, and support. It is of utmost importance that you get involved and become an integral part of the electoral process.

I invite you to help in rebuilding an Afghanistan that fulfills our promise as a people and a nation. One that embodies the principles of national unity, fair and just Rule of Law, and a focus on internal development and providence for its citizens. My past efforts in leading the Afghan people through tough times, clearly speaks to my ability to lead you today and into tomorrow with new hope and ambition for change!

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Mr. Mazhabi's strategy and campaign points make it clear that he is ready to take a firm stand in addressing your needs as a nation.

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"I have worked with Mr. Mutasim Billah Mazhabi on various political and social platforms, and the experience was one of the most rewarding relationships I've had. He is an excellent leader and mentor: he clearly knows how to inspire people to do their best; he sets and maintains high standards of integrity, honesty, and transparency. Without a doubt, Mr. Mazhabi knows how to grow a high-performance team and community built around national needs and with a long-term strategic vision."

By General Hedayat Hadi
Herat, Afghanistan

Presidential Debate on National TV Puts Mr. Mazhabi in the Lead Kabul, June 25, 2009

Ariana Television last night aired the first 2009 presidential debates between Mutasim Billah Mazhabi, Abdul Haseeb Aryan, Dr. Habib Mangal, Baz Mohammed Kufi and Maulana Abdul Qadir Imam Ghauri. The candidates stood at their podiums ...

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Presidential Election Video's 1388/2009

Be amongst the first to see the video address's of presidential candidate Mr. Mazhabi; an independent voice that clearly stands out from rest of the competition.

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